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Document Storage

Store documents, drawings and other digital media in a structured manner.


Store materials in a secure internet environment and share easily with other users.

Flexible API

Our flexible API allows you to easily communicate with your existing systems.

Print Order

Order prints with one-click and get them delivered directly to you.

You set the limitations

DOX is size-independent. DOX fits both for small projects and for entire neighborhoods with complex structural-and user needs.


All operation and storage takes place in Sweden

The security is ensured with powerful servers located in Sweden. Data is reflected between multiple storage devices at different geographic locations within the country to create multi-level redundancy.



It does not matter if you are sitting on a PC or Mac - if you are using an iPad och Android phone. DOX works everywhere and whenever you want.


High security

Save and share what you want, with 2-factor authentication, DOX ensures that no unauthorized can access your documents. All communications are done with HTTPS.


Version control deluxe

You always know if it is the right document with our simple version control. Make sure that your changed will not be overwritten with check-in/check-out.


Have full control with live notifications

As soon as a file changed, you can get an alert if you want, customize your notifications on document level based on your wishes.

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